Symposium (Past)

TCDG 2016 Symposium


Dr. Christa Colyer “Molecular and Microbial Sensing and Selection by Fluorescence and Modified Capillary Isotachophoresis Methods”

Steve Guptill “Analytical Needs and Challenges of the Power Industry”

Dr. Nadja Cech “Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics to Identify Bioactive Small Molecules”

Tamara Keller “Forensic Drug Analysis; The Puzzle Isn’t Always Easy”

TCDG 2015 Symposium


 Richard Robinson, Senior Research Scientist, Metabolon, Inc.

“Chromatographic Separations of Polar Metabolites in Non-targeted Metabolomics”

Carolyn Burdette, Ph.D., Chemical Sciences Division, National

Institute Of Standards and Technology

“LC-MS Techniques for Vitamin D and Vitamin D Metabolite Measurements”

Lee Ferguson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Duke University

“Revealing Complexity in Environmental Chemistry: The emerging role of high resolution

mass spectrometry in micropollutant analysis”

Megan Grabenauer, Ph.D., Center for Forensic Sciences, RTI


“Can Drug Use be Distinguished from External Contamination in Hair Drug Testing”

TCDG 2015 Symposium Student Poster Winners

 First Place: PEGylated BSA-Drug Nanoparticles and Site Elucidation of PEGylation on BSA-Drug Nanoparticles using LC-MS, Achyut Kathuria and Qinfeng (Sarah) Liu, College of Pharmacy / Health Sci., Campbell University

Second Place: A New UPLC-MS Based Bioassay for the Assessment of Anti-Hyaluronidase Activity, Emily R. Britton et al, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; and C.B. Ibberson and A.R. Horswill, University of Iowa

TCDG 2013 Symposium Student Poster Winners:

First Place $200 - Tamam El-Elimat, Huzefa Raja, and Nicholas H. Oberlies
UNC Greensboro, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Titled - Cyclodepsipeptides, Pyrone Derivatives and Secalonic Acids from two Unidentified Freshwater Fungi (G100 and G102)

Second Place $100 – Mahboubeh Nejati
NC State University, Graduate program: Chemistry, Adviser: Morteza G. Khaledi
Titled – Alcohol-Induced PMA-CTAB Complex Coacervate System for Protein and Enzyme Extraction

TCDG 2011 Symposium Student Poster Winners:

First Place $300 – Steven H. Walker, L.M. Lilley, M.F. Enamorado, J. Budhathoki, D.L. Comins, B.M. Novak and David C. Muddiman
NC State University, Dept. of Chemistry
Titled – Stable-Isotope Labeled Hydrazide Derivatization Reagents for the Relative Quantification of N-linked Glycans in HILIC FTICR MS

Second Place $200 – Edward Franklin and James W. Jorgenson
UNC Chapel Hill, Dept. of Chemistry
Titled – Long Microcapillary Columns at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures for Use in Gradient Elution Liquid Chromatography in Proteomics and Lipidomics

Third Place $100 – Brian Matthew and James W. Jorgenson
UNC Chapel Hill, Dept. of Chemistry
Titled – Methods for Proteomic Analysis of Intact Membrane Proteins by Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

TCDG 2010 Symposium Student Poster Winners:

First Place $300 – Timothy Collier
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Titled – Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Human Embryonic Stem Cells utilizing Size and Charge-Based Separations and nanoLC-LTQ-FTICR-MS

Second Place $200 – Genna L. Andrews
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Titled – Defining and Quantifying Individual and Co-cultured Intracellular Proteomes of Two Thermophilic Microorganisms by GeLC-MS2 and Spectral Counting

Third Place $100 – Hunter Walker
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Titled – The Interplay of Permanent Charge and Hydrophobicity with Respect to Electrospray Ionization of Derviatized Glycans