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Since the TCDG does not have membership dues, the mailing list is also the membership list.  If you would like become a member of TCDG and receive event announcements (seminars, workshops, annual symposium), please complete the following form. (The privacy policy explains the restrictions on how this information will be used).

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The TCDG does not sell or share membership information (i.e., the TCDG mailing list) with commercial vendors or individuals for any purpose.  All such information is used solely to notify members and interested professionals of TCDG-sponsored events and related educational opportunities by other non-profit organizations as deemed appropriate by the TCDG steering committee. The TCDG is a non-profit discussion group in the NCACS run entirely by volunteers. However, the group may hire organizations from time-to-time to help in the organization and performance of events sponsored by the TCDG (e.g., bulk mailing of announcements). The TCDG will not purposefully share its membership information with such organizations except for the purpose of and to the extent necessary to fulfill TCDG objectives.  The TCDG may share a specific event registration lists (e.g., annual symposium) with commercial sponsors of the event.


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